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Welcome to the our awesome blog! Here, you can find the ultimate tips and tricks to choosing and taking care of your pc gaming chair! We have a lot of stuff to publish, content that will surely interest gamers (and office workers alike) like you. Read more below and learn more about this blog!

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We always put our readers first. We review products using 4 categories: Ergonomics, Adjustability, Price, and Style. We may not be the best, but we strive to put out the most helpful and reader-centric information out there. After all, your happiness is our success.

Furthermore, I have a bad back - sciatica and a scoliosis of the lower back. That means I'm all about sitting correctly and comfortably. That is why you should trust us.

Finally, we have reputable sources to back up our reviewssuch as,, and This article from MCGC about pc gaming chairs will prove useful too.

Ergonomic chairs for better gaming

The word comfort means the world for people working or playing in front of the computer for several hours everyday. Being comfortable on your chair means saving yourself from a bad case of back and neck pain or even increased productivity, either at work or at play. That is why choosing an ergonomic gaming chair that will not only keep you comfortable, but will also help you in maintaining proper back posture is an important task that shouldn't be relegated to the sidelines. Here at our blog, we will help you in choosing the one.


You shouldn't be the one adjusting to your chair. An ergonomic pc gaming chair will have adjustable parts so it will do the adjusting to your body configurations.

Stylish Designs

A chair need not only be ergonomic, but stylish too. Our recommended products comes in a variety of models with different styles, designs, and colors that will suit any preference.

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